Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My another Volleyball match in Penang sport tournament... (27/8/2013)

Another memory of me in Munshi is created... Today we are joining the sports tournament. It was separated into four types of games and of course my choice was volleyball cause I love it... xD  The tournament is announced during the day before the match... So we don't really have time to practice. Since it was rush everything is quite pack including our jersey and so on.

There are 10 students in a team and teacher drives us to the venue. So there are two car heading to the venue. This is where everything start, First we went to the wrong venue of the tournament. Then, when we moving to the right venue one of our teacher lost their way. (=.=") So we reach late but the game haven't start so we spare the time by helping our lost teacher and teammates. Finally they are here but we don't have time to warm up cause the match has started. So we end up lost the first game. My leg also injured cause I felt during dig the ball.

Everything goes well on the second match maybe is because of we just finish our breakfast?? *hahax... LOL* So we manage to fight back on the second match. so make it draw. We didn't manage to make up till final but is Okay I am happy with it... :D

#I just love volleyball no matter what...# 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Future?? Still there??

Since the school days start my life is a mess again.... I stop thinking nonsense but now I thinking about my future. I feel fed up with my this semester exam... Seriously after I count my pointer, I notice that if I wanted to enter an University I have to score all A solid in this semester and including my repeat paper... This is a mission impossible for me... I can't even pass my economic how could I get an A?? Is totally hopeless... I tried to study but I can't remember anything that related to economic... My BM I had lost my confidence on it... Since I missed my A last semester, my confidence all gone... I feel myself getting more and more useless...

Everyone is getting better in their life, but me?? Is getting worse....

I really hope I can cry out loud... At least it will makes me feel better but I had lost the ability to cry...
I can't even drop my tears... This is the most suffering part...

Ps* In this moment I really wish there is someone beside me... Which I can hug "you" tightly and "you" will tell me... "I am here so all will be okay..."*

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August... The End of my holidays...

Middle of August means holiday is going to end very soon. This holiday really calmed me down. I think a lot about all sort of thing and it makes me realize that thinking too much of nonsense will ruined your day. I should just ignore everything that I dislike and enjoy my remaining school days because I know I will miss it when I left this school.

Time won't erase everything from your heart but it will makes you feel better. As time go on, I think my feeling toward you has changed. My heart won't really feel hurt when I saw news feed about you in Facebook. The memories of us also won't pops up during I feel alone. Believe me... Those memories are the most valuable treasure for me. We didn't really talk much recently but I know you are having a very good life... I know our relationship won't back to the past but do remember that I am still your very true friend... :)

Ps* I know this might be long way to go... But I know I can bring you out from my heart...~*
To: Somebody...*