Sunday, October 16, 2016

Complete another event in UTAR. Y2S3 Starts

Another event in UTAR is ended. This is the 2nd time I became a stations helper for Ice Breaking and Telematch. I admit this is a different experience compared to previous IBT. Manage to makes many new friends this time and manage to work as a team. Our station named "War of the Maze". 

For my studies, I manage to pass all previous semester. Hard work had paid off I guess. Shouldn't be happy with it because results are not good as expected but anyways at least it had pulled up my CGPA. Not yet above 2.0 but I will work hard to makes it better.I will work harder to turn it to something that everyone can be proud of it. You CAN DO IT!! TCW!!  đŸ˜‚eeeeeeeee ty đŸ˜‚ of dddddddddd

Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 7 in Y2S2

Recently my life is not easy. I have been thinking that am I stress up myself or what... Hmm, I guess it would be a question for me... But anyhow I am still alive with a ton of assignment, midterm and presentation which by my side right now.. ~.~ We join another Club this semester as committee members. I will be handling an event. Hope I can make it a real thing to gain experience it's a real platform for me to perform. With this experience I hope can get a better job by knowing what to do with my future. I thought that I going have a new post on next semester but I am too excited with the coming events. I got plenty of friends but when I tell them seems that I am showing off while nothing that seems solid. So what can I do is just realise on my personal space.

Hope that everything will be okay this semester NO MORE MEDICAL CASE!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lucky or what?? I am in Y2S2

Seriously my life just can describe by a word which is busy. This will never end I guess. Four subjects in this semester. Plan to take more but worried that I can't handle so many subjects since previous semester also passes with the "borderline" type results. I glad that I pass but at the same time I thinking that will I be so lucky next semester? The only thing that I do is keep work hard and do my best for this semester. Can't go for internship and do my FYP on time due to lack of credit hours. Quite down for this but I should have prepared since I knew I won't graduate on time cause so many subjects I missed but I still hope that during my convocation there is still someone I know here. Most of them will graduate on time which makes me have to make new friends again. I really not that super extrovert type I only will talk when the situation makes me talk. That's my attitude I can't do anything about this. Just hope that I will meet people that I can talk to.

I don't really know that could I graduate from UTAR but I will do the best.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Y2S1 It's time to be alone.

My 2016 life in studies start with a complicated emotion... Yes, I pass my QT 1 but too bad the one who accompany me to UTAR fail... We promise each other to graduate together, to fight together but now she withdraw from UTAR... She pissed me off sometimes, we fight and quarrel all the time but she plays as an important role in my life... She by my side for so many years and now we have to say Good Bye!

I don't really know why she wanna quit but I know she already think properly... As a friend I just gonna tell her to be who she wanna be and always be happy...  Today is the day you back Penang while you packing it reminds me the first day we reach Kampar and move our belonging and tidy up our room the post on Facebook was "Our three years life starts now".

I hope there is a day that you will come here to join my convocation as what we promise to each other... Let me to finish up the journey... I will do my best and won't let anyone down...

I know she might not see this but I another deal to myself begins, I will make sure I graduate from UTAR.!!