Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Empty heart..

Since I leave you I fell that my heart start to became empty... Because there is nothing in it anymore.... So the only things that I can do now is stay strong and face my studies as you said is the time for us to fight and choose the right way that we really want... I have to put all my studies in my heart but is really hard to stay focus... Maybe all of you thought I just pretend but I really tried before... Hope there is one day that I can filled my heart with something else or someone else perhaps.....

*Hoping that the day will come*.. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The End.. = )

I finally found that everything that related to you is over... Today is the end of everything except our friendship...  The truth is I will still love you and be the one who always care about you like what I always do but this time is at a position as a friend.. Today is the best day ever because I can finally put my feeling towards you down.. You won't know that in the "memo" in my mobile phone is all the notes about you... I have been thinking and miss you all the time... Since today this not going  to happen again... As what I said you will always be a special friend for me and someone who still took an important part of my heart as a friend..... : )

*My Dear Friend I love You*