Monday, April 20, 2015

Final exam is coming... Y1S1

Life in UTAR is quite fun when there is no assignment...~.~ Finally got time for me to blogging again.. :)
There is too many things that I wanna talk about my life here but seems I am too busy for that... Assignment here not really hard if wanna compared with F6 but time are always not enough  =.=".. Too many outing maybe.. LOL..

My first semester at UTAR is gonna end soon which mean FINAL IS COMING!! Quite worried that I will fail in this semester so revision non stop... >.<" 

In this short period I already found out who are "Hi Bye friend" and what they called "assignment friend"... Last but not least there is also a group of true friend who always by my side when I faced problems and turned emo.. They are great... Hope in these coming years everything will get better and our friendship will never ends... 

These humans are not my friends but they are my family... <3 #PMP #G13

 During Closing ceremony~
Our "family" talk at night...