Friday, December 28, 2012

Final answer..

Finally I have the answer... You is still the one who trapped in my heart... Is it a good news?? Not really but I quite happy with it... I hope there is someone can replace you... Since there is no one so I don't mind you keep trapped here..(^.^) Basically I already used to it... To miss you every moment when you told me to do so previously... Seriously is really hard to forget someone who is so important in your life... You will be the one who will suddenly pops up and support me when I was really down and lost control... Thanks for helping me without I telling anything... **Hey you really quite good in observe.. =D**
I don't know how long this feeling will stay but start from today whenever I miss you I will write a letter for you... I wanted to know how long this feeling will stay in this coming year... Since it has been one year from the day I know you start tomorrow...

**This is the promise to myself : If I still can't manage to bring you out from my heart during next year Christmas... Maybe I will tell you everything...**

Anyways New Year is coming... Welcome 2013... :p

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another game start??

Last December is the month that I know you.... Which is also the month everything begin... We use to be so close at that moment but now I feel that we already far apart... For me like what I had said "everything that passed just let it be because life still have to go on"... From that day I tried to control myself about my feelings towards you but I failed.... So I face that feeling and admit that "I love you"... But now things seems change... Recently there is someone that bring me another strange feeling like you gave me.... I really hope that this is just an illusion because I don't want to face the same situation again and again... It's enough I am despair for it.... My heart is not that strong to accept but like what my friend had told me "We can't predict the future"... So now my mindset was let it be how it suppose to be... If god wanna prank me again and again... I just have to accept it because this is my life...

*But still I hope this is an illusion... We are just friend... :)*