Saturday, September 5, 2015

My 21st Birthday in Kampar... ^^

I would like to thank all these awesome people because prepare non stop surprise for me for that day. The best thing in my life is knew you guys in my life in UTAR.

From my dearest course mates,

Birthday cake without lighted up candle... "Replace by torchlight" ~.~

Then my PMP Family members,

 A "surprise attack" in my "dark" room which nearly make me heart attack... xD

Lastly from my dear housemates,
New member on my bed. :D

Thanks to them I had an unforgettable birthday this year. Not to show off but wanna remind myself that there are many people who is care about me here... I glad I came to UTAR. 

Final is coming as well.. Hope all these awesome people pass their papers with flying colours.