Thursday, November 1, 2012

The ends will never ends...

Is already been few month from I say want to forget everything about you.... I these month I tried to stop contact with you but still I can't hold myself from doing that... Recently I keep thinking that if that time someone didn't stop me while I wanted to tell you the truth maybe something will change... I lost the chance to tell you that day makes me keep this secret inside my heart till today... I was wondering why would I falling into this "trap" again and again... This is really hurt but never wakes me up... I had a dream about you few days ago... In the dream we are very close and makes me feels like you are just belongs to me...this is the happiest moment ever... I know it was just a dream and won't happen but at that moment I really hope that I won't wake up forever... I am very selfish because I really hope that you are just belongs to me... Anyways the reality is cruel.... You may belongs to anyone but not me... I know is hard for you but please do believe that I love you more than anything else in this world.... I think you are going to stay in my heart until there is someone else that can move you away.... Today I shout out everything because I don't want keep avoid this feeling again.... I love you... Is true and always do... <3

*I feel great now.. Finally can face it with my real feeling* :D