Monday, February 1, 2016

Y2S1 It's time to be alone.

My 2016 life in studies start with a complicated emotion... Yes, I pass my QT 1 but too bad the one who accompany me to UTAR fail... We promise each other to graduate together, to fight together but now she withdraw from UTAR... She pissed me off sometimes, we fight and quarrel all the time but she plays as an important role in my life... She by my side for so many years and now we have to say Good Bye!

I don't really know why she wanna quit but I know she already think properly... As a friend I just gonna tell her to be who she wanna be and always be happy...  Today is the day you back Penang while you packing it reminds me the first day we reach Kampar and move our belonging and tidy up our room the post on Facebook was "Our three years life starts now".

I hope there is a day that you will come here to join my convocation as what we promise to each other... Let me to finish up the journey... I will do my best and won't let anyone down...

I know she might not see this but I another deal to myself begins, I will make sure I graduate from UTAR.!!