Saturday, December 5, 2015

Life in UTAR. Y1S3...

To survive in UTAR is not easy as I think. At first I thought since got F6 as basic everything will be okay... Nothing will hard than my form 6 life but reality told me that I am wrong. It's not enough to be hardworking we have to keep it up. Non stop... Too bad I can't do it for the previous semester. I really hope I can graduate even not in 3 years time. I know there is many "killer" subjects are waiting for me. I just hope this won't be my last semester in UTAR. Hope I will pass QT in this short semester.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My 21st Birthday in Kampar... ^^

I would like to thank all these awesome people because prepare non stop surprise for me for that day. The best thing in my life is knew you guys in my life in UTAR.

From my dearest course mates,

Birthday cake without lighted up candle... "Replace by torchlight" ~.~

Then my PMP Family members,

 A "surprise attack" in my "dark" room which nearly make me heart attack... xD

Lastly from my dear housemates,
New member on my bed. :D

Thanks to them I had an unforgettable birthday this year. Not to show off but wanna remind myself that there are many people who is care about me here... I glad I came to UTAR. 

Final is coming as well.. Hope all these awesome people pass their papers with flying colours.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Y1S2 in UTAR

It's been awhile since I always had a busy life... Finally is time for blogging again... :)
Too many things happen in these days and I seems can't express it by typing anymore... A lots of memories is created by us. I would say that I am lucky enough to know a tons of awesome people here. This semester I join many events... This makes me tired but anyways is always great to know new people... I just hope that I still got time to study... Results are important.. I can do it... !! ~

Monday, April 20, 2015

Final exam is coming... Y1S1

Life in UTAR is quite fun when there is no assignment...~.~ Finally got time for me to blogging again.. :)
There is too many things that I wanna talk about my life here but seems I am too busy for that... Assignment here not really hard if wanna compared with F6 but time are always not enough  =.=".. Too many outing maybe.. LOL..

My first semester at UTAR is gonna end soon which mean FINAL IS COMING!! Quite worried that I will fail in this semester so revision non stop... >.<" 

In this short period I already found out who are "Hi Bye friend" and what they called "assignment friend"... Last but not least there is also a group of true friend who always by my side when I faced problems and turned emo.. They are great... Hope in these coming years everything will get better and our friendship will never ends... 

These humans are not my friends but they are my family... <3 #PMP #G13

 During Closing ceremony~
Our "family" talk at night...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life in Kampar...

All I thinks about Kampar is another year that I need to act in front of people but somehow after these days I found out that is okay to be yourself... Just do anything you like don't have to hide anymore... Join anything as you like and live for yourself... I so far enjoy my life as an UTARIAN!!  I knew many awesome people in UTAR... A team of human who always can makes me smile...

So far my Utarian life goes like this...

My super cute and caring PMP family members..

selfie while waiting HK (6B)

with yee hui

The most meaningful day as UTARIAN... We are organ donor..

Trying to be funny.. :)

Is a surprise to meet back this girl as my neighbor... :D 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

WOW Night... A wonderful night...

WOW Night stand for week of welcome night which bring a lot of memory to me and all the freshmen. A night that all freshmen have to perform on a stage as a team... During this week of orientation I meet a lot of people not just freshmen but senior as well...

Team 6B is my team name... The title we selected is Frozen.~ Expected is full of the "Let it go" stuff.. haha but we really enjoy the whole things.. And that's how my University life starts...

Well that's us... Frozen... :D

 Me and this cute Olaf (Li Xin)

Our team after the performance but our Elsa gone..

Practice  time is basically selfie time.. xD

that's our Elsa... looks like vampire rite?? xD

The moment when we heading to heritage hall.. :D

Wow night is a wonderful Night~

Friday, January 9, 2015

New life in UTAR...

University life start, new friends, new environment... Temporary enjoy the moment here... Lecture class haven't start so can't really know that did I choose the right course (business admin) but  since decision has made means challenge accepted!!

3 years to fight for my degree as an UTARIAN!!! Let's do it!!!

 We are the walking team at first.. :D

The "tools" team on wow night... *6B